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Convert documents online free, quick, and secure. supports file types of docx, pptx, xlsx, pdf, dotx, html and many more. With over 150 file type converters we can open a lot of document types directly in your browser or another file type that you prefer.

File transfers using this site are encrypted with SSL, the same technology used by banks to make sure your financial data cannot be seen by others during the transmission of your file between your computer and the servers.

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This file conversion tool helps you view the latest file formats without costly software updates or software installations. And best of all your file conversions and viewers are completely FREE. No strings attached, no e-mail required, and no account setup. Just upload your file securely with the industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and we will send back the file over SSL in the format you specify.

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    Generate pdf files (.pdf) instantly

    Do you need to create a pdf file quickly? Our online converter allows you to generate pdfs without a large investment in software and without the software installation headaches. You simply use our web tool to select a file from your computer and tell us how you want the result file; you can automatically open it directly in your browser or you can choose to save it as a file on your computer.

    It's that simple! Don't waste any more time and convert documents to pdf files now!

    Open DOCX from your desktop
    If you receive docx files frequently, have sensitive files, or want seamless integration on your desktop download a free trial of docXConverter.

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    Open DOCX, PPTX. and XLSX files

    In 2007 Microsoft changed file formats for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The new files are identified with an 'x' on the end of the familiar extensions which are now ".docx", ".pptx", and ".xslx".

    Unfortunately these new file formats are incompatible with previous versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. If you have received any of these files you can use our service to convert the files back to the traditional ".doc", ".ppt" and ".xls" formats and open them using your existing MS Office software. Click the appropriate link below to convert your files:

    Open MS Word .docx files - Open MS PowerPoint .pptx files - Open MS Excel .xlsx files

    Search 150+ file converters
    ie: "docx to doc", "to pdf", "from word"
    Add FREE file conversion on your website/blog
    Just copy & paste HTML to your pages. Get HTML